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Chair Massage

Chair massage:

  • takes place either on a specially designed, supportive and comfortable ergonomic chair or on a standard home or office based chair

  • applies focused and sustained pressure on muscles using thumbs, palms & elbows 

  • can include passive stretching and mobilising of arms and wrists

Like yoga and Thai yoga massage, chair massage can produce a range of physiological and emotional effects:

  • release mental and emotional tension

  • relieve tension in knotted muscles

  • increase feeling of support, strength and relaxation

  • improve flexibility and range of movement

  • reduce inflammation, pain and stiffness

Common problems addressed by chair massage are:

  • stress and general fatigue

  • muscle tightness, aching and inflexibililty

  • shoulder stiffness

  • neck stiffness and related headaches


Minimal preparation is needed for a chair massage.  To allow for maximum comfort and benefit from the massage, loose, comfortable and non-shiny / non-slippy clothing is advised.  As with any massage, it is also best not to eat a large meal beforehand. 

What to expect 

Chair massage treatments take place fully-clothed and without the use of oils.  The massage can be done whilst you are kneeling or seated on a specially designed chair with your upper body and head supported with padded rests.  It can also be done on any home or office based chair, with support at various points in the massage provided by pillows or cushions.   

A session lasts between 10 - 60 minutes and can focus on the neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs or feet.  

Location, cost & bookings

Chair massages are available by arrangement at public & private events and at workplaces.  Please get in touch to discuss options. 

Chair massages are also available at Swansea Wellbeing Centre* on Friday afternoons and cost £10 per 15 minutes. Sessions need to be booked via email, text or phone: hello@satiyogawales.com or 07814 551560

*Swansea Wellbeing Centre

Can be found on the corner of Walter Road and Burman Street, with the main entrance located in Burman Street, SA1 5PQ. There is parking a short walk away in the residential streets nearby. In the late afternoons, evenings and the weekends, there is bountiful parking on Walter Road.